Amy Lanci Body Empowerment Coach


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Amy Solaner, LCSW NTP of The Station Co-Lab Learning Institute

We are dedicated to evolving human performance by creating vital bodies, clear minds, compassionate hearts, and lively spirits. Our offerings include: -Health Analysis -Movement and fitness and wellness classes, -One-on-one…


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Ana Nieto of Volar


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Ann Bennett Renegade Branding

Sponsor Level – Conscious Founder.  Ann is a Conscious Creative: with background in video, writing & design and deeply devoted to personal development and (R) Evolution of Humanity. Her work…


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Anna Melendez Gold of Coast Chiropractic Center


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Brian Ballard of Allelon Living


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Cheryl Angela


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Cornelius Simon


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Dan Alvarez


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Dave Kehnast of Kehnast Coaching

125 Hillcrest Drive Unit 6 Encinitas, CA 60626 Email address:      

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David Dibble of New Agreements, Inc.


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Debbie Allen, CSP of Debbie Allen International

Sponsor Level – Conscious Leader.  Debbie Allen, CSP, has achieved the honor of CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) by the National Speakers Association and International Speakers Federation, making her one of…


Emily Utter


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Holly Tremblay of Own Your Intention™

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Jen Towkaniuk of Team Eleven

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Jerri Lyne Nachman of Canna-CBD Whole Hemp Products


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Joanne Chen Coaching


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Lauren Hanna of Hanna Company


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Linda Clark of Healing From The Heart


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Lorna Holman of Accounted Fore, Inc.


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Marci Lock of Marci Lock Enterprises


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Marilyn Okita of HWB GLOBAL INC.


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Mark Franklin of Take7Photography

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Mark Guidi of Centered Business Consulting


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Megan Fenyoe of Mission Strength


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Michelle Humphrey of True World Global


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Patrick Curran of Hatchtag, Inc.

Sponsor Level – Conscious Founder.  Hatchtag offers the best in design, development, and marketing so you can be certain to create a buzz and expand into new markets. Don’t stay…


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Patrick Peterhans


Rebecca Massoud of Shine


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Reed Reppa

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Rima Aboulhosen

Public Speaker & Legalshield/IDshield

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Sarah Anne Dordel – Conscious Business Consulting

Sponsor Level – Conscious Founder.  Sarah Anne Dordel is the proud Founder of the Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce and the Owner of her private consulting company, Sarah Anne Dordel –…


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Sean Douglas Stewart of Creative Track


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Shawn McCLondon of Smart Digital


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Susan Duprat of Everyday Miracles

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Sydney Salt of The Sacred Works

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Tracie Hasse of Tracie Hasse International

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