The place to learn about and connect with GOOD people doing GOOD things.

Welcome to the Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce™.  The founders of this Chamber have a very big vision.  Our intention is not to create yet another independent organization intending to do good…

Rather, this Chamber is creating the centralized hub where all amazing organizations, purposeful businesses and visionary entrepreneurs can easily be found.

We believe in passionate problem-solving, and our goal is to bring forward the greatest talent in San Diego (and in the regions of our future chapters) to provide faster and better solutions for ALL conscious business entities in the city.  We are passionate about creating enhanced visibility for the live events, online products, and educational offerings of our membership and Partner Organizations, and we are committed to facilitating greater ease of access to all of the vendors and other resources that support our professional community.

In short, the Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce is here to empower the Good People in San Diego and beyond through a stronger collective that serves the planet and humanity more effectively and creates a greater profit for all.


Our Membership

Our members are passionate problem-solvers, and we seek leaders who are eager to serve as mentors in their areas of expertise and to bring forward solutions that truly empower our membership.


The Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce supports individuals & businesses that seek to be aware of the effects of their actions, and to consciously affect human beings and the environment in a beneficial way.

Our purpose is to connect with like minded individuals, build relationships, share, build our business into a higher profit, serve our clients more effectively, and network. We are individually and collectively dedicated to raising global consciousness and that includes our business models.

The core value of the group is indeed our dedication to empowering our members. We are committed to sharing our own successes and identifying common struggles. Together we find innovative ways to fill gaps in service so that all participating can thrive and help to quickly grow the expanding conscious business communities in our represented cities.


Anyone and everyone who supports this mission.  Our membership will include individuals as well as partner organizations.

Membership Benefits

As a member of the of the Conscious Business Chamber of Commerce you benefit from:

  • Enhanced visibility through our membership directory and upgrades that will continue to be rolled out for our membership
  • Easy access to other events that support Conscious Business throughout our represented cities
  • Opportunities to network with like-minded professionals during our live monthly networking events as well as during regular online events that take place via our private Facebook groups
  • Sharing of experiences and best practices, as well as a container to call out pain points that need to be addressed by our community through innovative solutions
  • Option to share your expert tips and special offers in our collective blog and resources section
  • Promotional support for your live and online events, with the option to purchase event marketing upgrades
  • Mentorship connections and education that is supported by our Thought Leaders and our Editorial Team

Membership Options

Lock In Special Pricing as one of our Founding Members

Join now to be a Founding Member and enjoy special pricing of only $9.99 / month!

Special rates will be locked until September 1st, 2018.


Special Membership Upgrades

Event Listing
$50 Per Event Listing
For members who do not regularly offer events but would like to promote a one-time live or online event. Includes promotion of 1 event per month on our meetup & Facebook group and monthly newsletter.
Contributing Writer
$25 Per Article
Every month, the Editors of our Collective Blog will choose the top articles, blog posts, and educational resources from our contributing writers to be showcased on our website. All members are welcome to submit as contributing writers. If chosen to be published on our website, the cost is $25 per publication.